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Current Draft List as of May 16, 2017

Laced with Passion
Illuminated Brew Works CCBW Collaboration
Gose with Passion Fruit (3.9% ABV / 10 IBU)

We brewed this traditional German-style sour Gose in collaboration with our transcendent friends at Illuminated Brew Works. Passion fruit dominates the aroma followed by salty, sour, and citrus flavors from the coriander that keep inviting you back for more. Enlighten your senses.

Raised on Promises
American Wheat (5.7% ABV / 20 IBU)
This very approachable wheat ale is perfect for enjoying on the patio. Notes of citrus and candied fruit are present in the aroma. The beer finishes dry with mild bitterness, fruit, and light malt sweetness.

Enjoy Every Sandwich
Kölsch (4.9% ABV / 20 IBU)
This one will make you want to rock ‘n’ roll all night long. Crisp, clean, and refreshing with a mild spiced finish. Perfect for watching the day turn to evening. Turn those speakers up full blast, play it all night long.

Wizard Fight
Our one year round offering.
American IPA (6.2% ABV / 60 IBU)
Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra hops create this citrus and pine blast.
The creamy mouthfeel is enhanced with flaked oats. A true Chicago IPA.

Salute Your Simcoe
DDH (Double Dry Hopped) Hazy Pale Ale  (5.4% ABV / 30 IBU)
This easy drinking pale ale reminds us of those care-free Chicago summer days we long for. Soft and pillowy with aroma waves of citrus and berries will make you jump up and Salute your Simcoe.

Beware of the Leopard
Wit (5.6% ABV / 15 IBU) 
The classic white ale comes to Corridor. Smooth and refreshing with a coriander and citrus tartness. Galaxy hops citrus peel lend a mild tropical fruit finish.

All of our above beers are available on draft and in 32oz cans and 64oz growlers to-go.


Beers Brewed In-House Since Opening on October 15, 2015
Not Currently Available on Draft

Bière de Garde (7.0% ABV / 21 IBU)
Rewrite the book and rule the pages. Brewed as a thank you to our Lead Brewer Danny Monnot on his move back to Ohio. Full malt body with strong notes of raisin, plum, and chocolate define this traditional French Ale. Take a picture here and take a souvenir, cheers.

Zombie Eater
Saison (5.7% ABV / 30 IBU)
Our Spring fling is as charming as a fable. Bubblegum and pepper spice are present up front.
The finish is more bubblegum with a slight lemon tartness.
All the mysteries are no longer a surprise with this brew in hand.

APA  (5.9% ABV / 40 IBU)
Bright with a crisp yet mild bitterness. Nelson Sauvin, Lemon Drop, and Equinox hops lend notes of citrus, pine, and grape. Perfect for the upcoming patio season. Enjoy this one with a classic cheeseburger and fries.

Double New England IPA (8.0% ABV / 45 IBU) 
Squeeze it to the very last drop. This juice bomb of a Double IPA is loaded with Mosaic and Citra hops bursting out your glass. With a soft mouthfeel and lower bitterness, you can have your juice morning, afternoon, and night.

Over Under Sideways Down
Belgian Blonde (7.8% ABV / 20 IBU) 
Backward, forward, square, and round. Notes of bready malt, grape, and stone fruit mix with a dry pepper and honey finish. Stop searching for a reason to enjoy yourself and go have some fun.

A Picture of Nectar
New England IPA (7.3% ABV / 50 IBU)
Your time is here and the mission is clear. Introducing the style sweeping the nation.
Hazy, dank, and full of BIG citrus juice and tropical fruit aroma and flavor.
Before you slip into the night you’ll want this to drink.

Bees & Nightcrawlers
Dortmunder Export (5.4% ABV / 27 IBU)
Classic, balanced, and easy drinking. This traditional German lager arrives just in time for spring.
Expect a pleasant bready sweetness finishing with just enough bitterness. With the warm weather
fast approaching, make sure to keep an eye out for those BEEEEES.

Burning Beard
Irish-American Red  (6.7% ABV / 35 IBU)
Brewed in time to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We Americanized an Irish Red by
adding lots, and lots of Pacific Northwest hops. Well balanced with notes of
toffee and chocolate mixing with citrus, pine and mint.

Funkadelic #7
Brett Oat Ale (7.0% ABV / 25 IBU) 
This latest offering from the Mothership throws caution to the wind.
Brewed with over 35% oats, this beer is bone dry, yet deceptively smooth.
A barnyard nose mingles with pineapple and pomelo fruit notes to create this quaffable brew.

Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?
Munich Dunkel (5.5% ABV / 22 IBU)
Bavaria in a glass. Our dark lager is very sessional.
Pumpernickel bread mixes with chocolate, and a slight spicy finish
from the Spalter Select hops. Go out jumpin' with your dumplin’.

American Stout (6.0% ABV / 43 IBU)
This dark and brooding offering hits all the classic notes. It will overwhelm you with
roasted coffee and chocolate and finish with a tantalizing and invigorating
bitterness to keep you coming back for more.

Anno Catulorum
Markut Lime OPA (5.8% ABV / 40 IBU)
Full bodies with a satiny finish from Vienna malt and Oats. Citra,
Motueka, and Kohatu hops are paired with Markut lime leaves,
giving this beer intense lime flavor with subtle lemon notes. It's almost as
delicious as the Cubs first World Series victory in 108 years. Almost.

Master or Be Mastered
Quince & Walnut Winter Warmer  (7.4% ABV / 25 IBU)
Persistence pays off, and Executive Chef Jason’s vision finally comes to FRUITion. This beer is brewed with the “Persian pear,” an old world pome fruit that adds an apple pie-like character to the malty and nutty base. It is punctuated with a “kitchen sink” of spices including pink and black peppercorns and allspice.

Mind Riot
Apple Must/Lemongrass Saison Aged on Cedar Spirals (5.8% ABV / 23 IBU) 
Luck's last match struck when Seattle Cider decided to collaborate with us on this brew.
They sent us 200 liters of their proprietary apple must and we brought the lemongrass to the party.
What developed was a bone dry Saison with notes of cedar, pepper, citrus, and tart apple. 
Perfect for enjoying  while walking in two ton shoes.

Reason To Be Cool
Munich Helles (5.5% ABV / 22 IBU)
The classic Bavarian light (colored) beer is in the house.
A sweet malt aroma is present up front with a crisp, clean,
and mellow hop finish. Beer history in a glass.

The Meaning of Life
Smash IPA (6.5% ABV / 50 IBU)
Our fifth SMaSH IPA is brewed using a single malt (Thomas Fawcett Halcyon) and
a single hop (Cascade).
Bready malt mix with Cascade’s floral and spice notes.

Funkadelic #6
Brett Biere de Noël  (7.8% ABV / 18 IBU) 
Our sixth offering from the Mothership is a traditional French Christmas Ale brewed with roasted chestnut, cinnamon, and brettanomyces. Brewed in collaboration with our good friends at Une Année. 
Enjoy with friends and family this holiday season, Joyeux Noël.

Dr. Know
Belgian Rye IPA (7.0% ABV / 55 IBU)
Influenced by the make believe. Citrus, black pepper, dill, and bubblegum
meld to influence this offering. Rye malt lends a spicy malt backbone.
Don't sway to the unjust, no matter what they say - never give in.

Chocolate Refrigerator
Doppelbock (8.8% ABV / 18 IBU)
With a big aroma of chocolate, this traditional German beer is as smooth as dark beers come. It starts sweet, then gives way to a gentle toast and nuttiness. Finishes warm and smooth, perfect for the impending deep freeze about to descend onto Chicago this winter.

Rabid Rudolph
Cherry Quad  (9.5% ABV / 20 IBU)
Holiday season is upon us, and it’s a time for BIG malty brews. Full bodied with
notes of cherry, plum, raisin, and toffee. 
Finishes with a warm comforting hug.

Dreams In Flight
American Pale Ale  (5.3% ABV / 37 IBU)
This light-bodied pale ale is brewed with the new kid hops, Motueka and Denali. These citrus heavy hops impart notes of tangerine and grapefruit and are balanced out with a mild bitterness at the finish. You’ll drink this beer as quick as a dream in flight.

Fleeting Wisdom
Saison (5.4% ABV / 21 IBU)
Our friends over at Forbidden Root joined us on this brew and turned up the weird.
With an uninhibited fermentation and
a “dryhop” with copious amounts of grapefruit peel
and just
enough sage, this traditional saison is light, refreshing, and crisp.

Funkadelic #5
Brett Pale Ale  (7.5% ABV / 40 IBU) 
Our fifth offering from the Mothership has arrived on planet Corridor. A traditional pale ale fermented on our house brett strain. Dry hopped with Denali, Kohatu, Falconer’s Flight, & Simcoe hops.
Funk notes mix
with mango, grape, pineapple, and apple tartness.

Pale Afternoon
East Coast Pale Ale  (5.2% ABV / 70 IBU)
Light and refreshing with a crisp bitterness. Brewed for the IPA lover, but mellow enough to enjoy more than one. Strong notes of citrus, passion fruit, pine, peach, and earthiness round it out.

Double IPA  (8.6% ABV / 80 IBU)
It matters not that a brewpub was born, but what they grow to be. 
Our anniversary present to you, our loyal guests and friends. 
A souped up version of Wizard Fight. More of the tropical and citrus, 
more ABV to warm you this Fall, just a whole lotta more.

Out There
Bohemian Pilsener (5.1% ABV / 40 IBU)
As brewers, we want to excel at crafting a true Pilsener. This is our take on the
true king of beers. Crisp and refreshing with a spicy bitterness
from Saaz hops.
This is truly the beer brewers reach for after a long day.

Superstition on the Roadside
Wet Hop Harvest Ale  (5.9% ABV / 30 IBU)
Brewed with 90 lbs of "wet" Illinois Cascade hops harvested the day we brewed
from Bier Blume Farms. Grassy and
floral with a mild pine bitterness.
This is our homage to the
hard working farmers who help make our job easier.

Holding the Universe Together
American IPA (7.0% ABV / 50 IBU)
Maybe we just worry about things? However, there is no use in worrying when you have
this brew in hand. Lemongrass, rock candy, pine, 
and tropical fruit mix with a strong
malt backbone. Finishing with a warming and welcoming hop bitterness that soothes the soul.

Funkadelic #4
Brett Biere de Garde (8.5% ABV / 18 IBU)
Our fourth offering from the Mothership is a traditional French farmhouse ale aged on brettanomyces for four months. This produces notes of tropical fruit and
barnyard funk in the aroma. The finish is malt forward with notes of plum and
raisin and more of the complex brett characteristics.

Handicapped by Laziness
American Pale Ale (5.5% ABV / 40 IBU)
For each angel there is a devil perched at the other end of the teeter-totter. 
Aroma of pine and citrus are present in this All American
contribution to brewing. A slight citric bitterness rounds this one out.

Bowling to Oblivion
Belgian Pale Ale (4.8% ABV / 30 IBU)
When our brains begin to reel from labors, we make a pizza. This offering is the
perfect pairing for that endeavor. Malt forward and
finishing with a slight
hop bitterness rounded out by dark fruit and citrus.

Ghost Hieroglyphs
Wit  (6.0% ABV / 15 IBU)
Smooth and refreshing with slight banana, black pepper, 
and citrus flavors. German Saphir hops lead to a noble finish. The classic Belgian
white ale arrives to quench your thirst. 
Perfect with a bowl of moules.

Coffinesque Streets
Saison (5.8% ABV / 20 IBU)
Brewed using the historic Saison Dupont yeast strain. 
Strong pepper notes mix with citrus and coriander. Finishing bone dry,
it’s the perfect quaff after a hard day in the farm fields.

Gose (4.0% ABV / 8 IBU)
This traditional German sour is brewed with lime-infused salt and coriander
to add a bright and refreshing quality to its tart wheat base. 
We hope you enjoy
this beer as much as our brewer enjoyed
witnessing Cleveland’s first title in 52 years.

American Psycho
American IPA  (7.7% ABV / 100 IBU)
Did you know we are utterly insane? There’s no denying it. We’re unleashing this
100 IBU hop bomb that’s dank and full bodied thanks to our friends,
Chinook, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin. Finishing dank and bitter
with tons of pine, 
grape, and citrus. Disintegration of senses - just take it in stride.

Papier-Mache Mephistopholes
Southeastern Asia Porter  (5.0% ABV / 30 IBU)
Presenting our Summer dark offering. Inspired by the flavors of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.
Light in body and alcohol, but packed with flavors and aromas of coconut, mekrut lime and ginger.

Smash IPA (7.1% ABV / 50 IBU)
Our fourth SMaSH IPA is brewed using a single malt (Briess 2 Row) and a
single hop (Amarillo). 
Mild malt notes mix with dank citrus (lemon) and pine.

Dune Road
Biere D'ete (6.2% ABV / 18 IBU)
Like a sunset over Lake Michigan this beer leaves you wanting more. 
Brewed with lemon balm, grapefruit peel, and papaya leaf, as well as
the classic Saison Dupont yeast strain. Here’s to an endless summer.

Belgian Golden Ale  (8.5% ABV / 30 IBU)
Fine as spin gold. Strong notes of bubblegum, pepper, and rock candy
mark this strong ale. Enjoy this brew, and you'll live happily ever after.  

Acquainted with Butterflies
Saison de Table (5.1% ABV / 15 IBU)
A sessionable French table beer with notes of spice, tart citrus, and baking rye bread.
A beer worth enduring a few caterpillars to be in the company of butterflies.

Dunkelweizen (5.0% ABV / 10 IBU)
Our Bavarian Dark (Dunkel) Wheat (Weizen) offering to you is upon us. Chocolate mixes with the classic banana and clove weizen flavor and aroma. Also, chock full of Vitamin B from the unfiltered Hefe (Yeast).

Belgian IPA  (6.4% ABV / 50 IBU)
You are through the looking glass. Refreshing with a mild hop bitterness. Notes of tart lemon,
bubblegum, dill, and
pine frolic in this pint. Something interesting is sure to happen.

Screaming Heathens
Summer Pale Ale (5.8% ABV / 50 IBU)
The brewers are driving out demons. Can I hear an amen? Bright and full of tropical
and citrus notes. The perfect Summer thirst quencher. International
feeling the heat in both feet, and stealing the thunder.

Darwin's Game
Oak Aged Saison (5.6% ABV / 21 IBU)
This classic Belgian style is aged with oak to create a wine drinkers best friend. Strong notes of oak and vanilla complement the dry, peppery finish and make this Saison stand up to any chardonnay.

Funkadelic #3
Broken Nose Collab
Brett Apple Kettle Sour (5.2% ABV / 25 IBU)
Gettin’ down for the funk of it. Our third offering from the Mothership is a collaboration with Broken Nose. The base beer is a kettle soured apple saison. Brettanomyces and oak were added for secondary fermentation. The result is a pineappleycitrusyoaksourapplematastic adventure.

Philosophers & Fools
The Commons Brewery Collab
Farmhouse with Jasmine & Rose Water (5.8% ABV / 18 IBU)
Brewed in collaboration with The Commons Brewery in Portland, OR. This traditional farmhouse
is light and refreshing with slight perfume notes of rose water and jasmine.
Finishes dry with tart lemon banana bread notes.

Day of the Dead
Smash IPA  (6.7% ABV / 50 IBU)
Our third SMaSH IPA is brewed using a single malt (Thomas Fawcett Pearl) and a single hop (Simcoe).
Baking bread and
toast notes mix with dank citrus, stone fruit, and pine.

The Reaper
Smoked Chili Pepper Saison (6.66% ABV / 19 IBU)
Embrace this complex and enigmatic brew. Light to medium bodied, 
yet packed full of mesquite and citrus up front. Finishes with a slight burn
from the Carolina Reaper chili used in the boil. Don’t fear the Reaper!

Emperor's New Mind
Penrose Brewing Company Collab
Pineapple/Lime Basil Wit (5.0% ABV / 15 IBU)

The classic Belgian white ale with a twist thanks to our friends at Penrose Brewing.
Pineapple puree and Penrose-grown lime basil help augment
the citrus and
coriander flavor imparted from Penrose’s house wit strain.

Twist of Cain
Hefeweizen (5.2% ABV / 10 IBU)
Make me come alive. The traditional unfiltered Bavarian wheat ale strolls in for its debut. Chock full of plenty of banana and clove goodness, and a good source of vitamin B for all you health nuts.

Funkadelic #2
Brett IPA (7.3% ABV / 50 IBU)
Our second offering from the Mothership has arrived on planet Corridor. A traditional American IPA fermented on our house brett strain. Dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and El Dorado hops. 
Funk notes mix with stone fruit, grape, tropical fruit, and lemon tartness.

Dandelion Comet
Blueberry Blonde  (5.5% ABV / 30 IBU)
Run across a field of daisies at warp speed to get this brew. Citrus and blueberry
help provide
a flavor back drop for a perfect day on the patio.

She Kills Monsters
Watermelon/Hibiscus Farmhouse (4.7% ABV / 25 IBU)
Refreshing and highly quaffable describe this one to a “T.”
Brewed with hibiscus flower and watermelon, the result is a unique brew
full of watermelon bubblegum flavor and a tart hibiscus finish.

Writers Write
East Coast IPA (7.2% ABV / 60 IBU)
Bringing the East Coast to the Midwest. A very balanced IPA with the malt sweetness
balancing the hop bitterness. Amarillo and Simcoe are
the stars, but Warrior,
Cascade, and Centennial help round out the hop bill.

Dig Sunsets
French Pils (4.7% ABV / 30 IBU)
French Barley and Strisselspalt hops are featured in this crisp, spicy, 
and clean classic. This is the way a “true” Pilsener should taste, stay gold.

Pale Fire
Wheat Pale Ale (6.2% ABV / 40 IBU)
The sun is a thief, but he better not steal this brew. Denali, Chinook, Kohatu, and
Citra hops highlight this
easy drinking Spring ale. Enjoy your sip of sunshine.

Funkadelic #1
Brett Saison (6.4% ABV / 20 IBU)
Our most complex and challenging brew to date. 
Primary fermentation with a classic saison strain was augmented with a secondary fermentation
with brettanomyces. Tart citrus and tropical fruits lead to a dry pineapple finish.

Progress is Lovely
Saison with Blood Oranges  (6.0% ABV / 25 IBU)
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” A saison brewed with blood oranges
to celebrate the end of the
winter doldrums. For good measure we threw in Amarillo and Citra hops, 
late addition and dry hop to bring this citrus farmhouse over the edge. Aromas of orange,
tangerine, and grapefruit with a dry finish.

Dig Sunsets
French Pils (4.7% ABV / 30 IBU)
French Barley and Strisselspalt hops are featured in this crisp, spicy,
and clean classic. This is the way a “true” Pilsener should taste, stay gold.

Season of Darkness
Robust Porter (6.0% ABV / 30 IBU)
Our nod to Jolly Olde England. This traditional robust porter is full of espresso and
chocolate in the nose and up front. Oat malt lends to the silky finish.

Electric Boogaloo
Smash IPA (7.2% ABV / 50 IBU)
Our second SMaSH IPA is brewed using a single malt (Golden Promise) and a single hop (Mosaic).
Bready malt mixes with dank Citrus! 
Mosaic is one of our favorites; we hope you enjoy.

American Love
Double IPA  (8.1% ABV / 70 IBU)
It is the oldest ironies that are still the most satisfying: mankind, when
complaining about hops will order an IPA. So, we give you a DOUBLE! 
More pine, citrus, tropical hoppy goodness. More is the American way.

Loneliness, Lust, & Laundry
American Red (6.0% ABV / 40 IBU)
A man or woman without habits, consistency, redundancy - and hence boredom - is not human.
They are insane! Notes of pine, toffee, and baking
bread give way to citrus and
chocolate in the finish. We’re all a little crazy.

Riots of Color
Saison (5.2% ABV / 25 IBU)
With Spring right around the corner, we release its perfect companion. This traditional Belgian is dry hopped with the American classic Willamette hop that lends white grape and floral notes to a beer that finishes dry and crisp. 

Tasty Drowsiness
Imperial Farmhouse (9.5% ABV / 20 IBU)
Corridor’s biggest beer to date is unleashed. Brewed with rye malt, lemon verbena, and
juniper to lend mild citrus, b
ubblegum and spice notes to a true original brew.

Marry A Bear
Belgian Pale Ale (5.2% ABV / 30 IBU)
Mild Belgian esters form in this easy drinking pale ale. Finishing with mild citrus, 
toffee, and pine. The perfect accompaniment for one of our pizzas. 

Smirking Revenge
Bière Brune  (6.7% ABV / 15 IBU)
Rich and malty with a plum sweetness make this the perfect Winter pint. Finishing with
notes of toffee, dark chocolate, and raisin. Belly up with a good friend and enjoy!

Clock Strikes 13
Berliner Weisse (4.7% ABV / 8 IBU)
Our first sour release (more to come) at Corridor is a traditional Berliner Weisse.
Lemony, peachy and TART describe
this beer perfectly. Pucker up, buttercup! 

Running at Pigeons
Session IPA (5.1% ABV / 50 IBU)
Our reward to our guests for surviving the Southport Corridor holiday crush. Not lacking in
Simcoe and Galaxy hop punch. Pine, tropical fruit, and citrus dominate the aroma and finish.

Nibble, Nibble Little Mouse
Pumpkin Spice & Walnut Farmhouse (6.8% ABV / 15 IBU)
Who’s been nibbling at our house? Our seasonal farmhouse selection begins with
the flavors of Fall. Pumpkin spice and walnut accentuate our house farmhouse strain.

Beware of the Leopard
Wit (5.5% ABV / 15 IBU)
The classic white ale comes to Corridor. Smooth and refreshing with a
slight coriander and citrus tartness. German Saphir hops lead to a noble finish.

Exploding Like Spiders
Ginger/Cranberry Saison (7.0% ABV / 15 IBU)
The only people for me are the mad ones. Cranberry tartness and fresh ginger
complement the spiciness of German Tettnanger hops in this farmhouse style.

Call of Ktulu
Smash IPA (7.5% ABV / 50 IBU)
Brewed using a single malt (Maris Otter) and a single hop (Citra). Bready malt mixes
with grapefruit, orange, and lemon. We hope it’s a SMaSH hit.

Hell of Heaven
Belgian Blonde (5.0% ABV / 25 IBU)
Perfect for a nice session with friends. Light in body with a lovely grape and stone fruit finish.
Pairs well with a Salad, Seared Tuna Sandwich, or Artisan Pizza.

Kathleen Turner Overdrive
Belgian IPA (7.4% ABV / 55 IBU)
If you are over 30, you owe it to your Mom & Dad to drink this beer. Nelson Sauvin, ­
Chinook, and Kohatu hops impart notes of tropical fruit, pine, and grape.

Too Old to Chase Rabbits
Biere de Garde (7.8% ABV / 21 IBU)
Our head brewer brewed this Biere de Garde in collaboration with his beautiful wife. Notes of ground pepper, plum, and spice highlight this traditional malty French farmhouse ale, bon anniversaire.

Blame John Cusack
Belgian Dubbel (7.4% ABV / 25 IBU)
Transcendent relationships may begin with sharing this beer. The classic Trappist Belgian style comes to Chicago. Medium to full bodied with Noble hop notes. Raisin, caramel, and toffee round out the brew.

Sober Cannibal
Cherry & Lime Saison (6.8% ABV / 15 IBU)
Whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in this city’s soul, I look to this saison.
Bright and full of fresh citrus zest up front with tart cherry goodness on the back end.

Grind Your Bones
American IPA (7.5% ABV / 75 IBU)
New school hops Azacca, Equinox, and Hopsteiner Exp. 06277
get to make their bones. Pineapple, pine, and tropical fruit dominate the
aroma and the beer finishes nice and bitter. Enjoy the future of American hops!

Cotton Candy Goat
Poire Biere de Table (4.4% ABV / 10 IBU)
A sessionable French table beer with notes of pear, citrus, and vanilla. 
Light and crisp for a Chicago Autumn day. Also, “pears” well with a good book.

Freaky Deaky
Belgian Breakfast Stout (6.9% ABV / 30 IBU)
It doesn't have to make sense; it just has to sound like it does. Brewed with Heritage Bicycles General Store’s cold press coffee, maple syrup, & smoked malt. This is why you get out of bed in the morning.

First Daze Here
Saison (6.3% ABV / 22 IBU)
Saison dry hopped with Saphir, a German hop that imparts pear and
citrus notes. Extremely refreshing, slightly bitter with a super dry finish.

What Big Teeth!
APA (6.0% ABV / 67 IBU)
Chock full of Azacca and Mosaic hoppy goodness. Expect aromas of tropical fruit, pine, 
grapefruit, and orange, as well as notes of citrus. Finishes with a nice bitter bite.

Wizard Fight
Our one year round offering.
American IPA (6.2% ABV / 60 IBU)
Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra hops create this citrus and pine blast.
The creamy mouthfeel is enhanced with flaked oats. A true Chicago IPA.

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